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Do You Have An Online Store For Your Small Business?

Creating and managing an online store is now available to businesses of all sizes and in any industry.  Products and services can be sold on simple websites, or on massive sites like Amazon. EBay and Etsy provide e-commerce platforms that enables businesses and individuals to sell to each other online. E-Commerce has transformed business business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales strategy. There many ways to sell products and services online, and it can be complex and costly process. However, studies by reputable organizations like Forrester Consulting confirm the potential of implementing an online store. Eighty nine percent of respondents agreed that implementing ecommerce increased annual sales by as much as 55%.

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XLR8 Website development search engine optimization search engine marketing social media marketing

How Can Mobile E-commerce Increase Your Customers’ Online Shopping Capabilities ?

Mobile E-commerce has become its own industry due to the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices. With the increased capabilities offered by social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, social media has become an important driver of e-commerce. Many payment services are available to make purchasing online easy and secure. Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal and Square offer a number of options for paying with a credit card or funds stored in your account.

How Are You Reaching Customers and Are Your Sales Increasing?

To increase reach and sales, many companies are looking to Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). CSEs increase the visibility of your store and products and attract new prospects. These sites boost your sales by giving you access to shoppers who are actively searching for specific products, and are ready to buy.  Some of the top CSEs are; Google Product Listing Ads, Bing Product Ads, Amazon Product Ads, Pricegrabber, Nextag, Shopping.com and Shopzilla.  The challenge for businesses is finding the right CSE for their products and target audience.  XLR8 will assist you in identifying the best CSE for your business and products.  We also determine which products you can advertise on each CSE and its specific requirements.